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Deal Brief History:
The town of Deal NJ comprises just 1.2 square miles. The English first settled the area in 1664. In 1670, a carpenter by the name of Thomas Whyte purchased a large amount of land along the coastal section of what was Shrewsbury Township. He named this area Deal NJ after his homeland of Deale, Kent County, England.

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Until the late 1800’s, Deal NJ was mainly a farming & fishing area. By the early 1900’s, much of the land of Deal NJ had been purchased by developers and laid out for residential purposes. They left very little space for commercial use. Even today, the charm of Deal NJ lies in the large amount of beautiful, well-kept mansions as opposed to a thriving commercial downtown district. Visitors to the Deal NJ region can enjoy pristine beaches, lovely architecture, as well as great restaurants and lodging in nearby Ocean Grove, Long Branch & Deal NJ.